Is it normal to feel guility to be talking to another male if all we did was talk, if you have just dumped a week ago after a 2 year relationship?

Ex decided to end our relationship after 2 years due to him not wanting to commit to anything. I met a guy a week later at a friends place who I got on well with but now I feel guility although we did nothing but talk and I am no longer suppose to be in a relationship. I feel as thou I should be telling my ex I had spoken to this guy as I am use to telling my ex everything.
Is it normal to feel guilty to talk to another male soon after a break up?


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  • After a two years relationship it's natural to feel weird and even bad when you talk to a guy. But you really shouldn't feel bad at all. And you definitely shouldn't be telling your ex about it. He decided to end the relationship and you can do as you want. I'm actually happy for you that you met someone who can take your mind off of things and aren't moping around.


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  • Yes, if you are a conscientious person, you of course aren't comfortable if you're flirting with someone else a week after breaking up. But don't feel bad... you haven't done anything wrong. It's totally natural when you're alone to meet people, and be attracted to them, since you must feel very lonely now.

  • NO reason not to talk to another guy or to feel guilty about it. No reason not to date either.
    You're FREE.


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