Having a hardtime dealing with sister of ex gf , its a weird situation?

so I first meet this girl a couple years ago when she was working as a cashier at store in town , but she was a little bit young for me at time so we didn't really become friends. a year or so later I meet her older sister and we sort of dated one summer for a bit and hung out at local bars and such.
but then younger sister re-appeared this time as a hostess at pub and I saw her there a few times and she told older sister I had been checking her out and that I wanted to have sex with her , so older sister dumped me soon after that. and younger sister to be honest hasn't had any real serious bf's and maybe that was why she did what she did. it was maybe a cry for help that she was annoyed with being single.
anyways she has re-appeared again this time as an actual server at this bar and we know a lot of the same people at this bar. I've also meet a lot of her girlfriends at various bars as well. anyways I saw her this weekend at bar and we never really even talked , her older sister and friend did say hi and talked. but at some point she though I was checking her out again and this time she told sister I wanted oral sex from her of all things , so of course sister was rather disgusted with me that night after that came out. I just don't even know how to deal with her anymore , we don't even really talk and although I admit she is physically attractive to say I wanted oral sex of all things was a bit over the top and she's going back to college so might not see much of her until next summer


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  • just go up to her and ask her why and she should just quit it.


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  • Tell the older sister that her younger sister is immature and needs to grow up to make stuff up that you haven't said its pretty pathetic.

    • the problem is younger sister is good looking and has really big boobs so I think older sister just assumes lots of guys want her and believed sister more than me.

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