Marine boyfriend ended our relationship out of the blue, what should I do now?

It has been two months now since my ex and i ended our relationship. all throughout boot camp, he mailed me about once a week and they were all love letters and what was going on in his world. he asked to mail him as often as i could because the more the better. he wanted me and his family to come to his graduation and we all did. his family and i are great so nothing wrong there. but once we got home from graduation two days later, he broke up and said he lost feelings. he doesn't have the same interest as before training. but he held my hand and held onto me the who car trip up from SC to VA. so things make no sense. he said that it is okay for me to meet other guys. and what does he really mean by that? he said he wants to be friends but he has ignored my holiday greetings so i know i shouldn't text him anymore. and i know that men and women change in the military, will he change back and go after us again? we ended in good terms, no fights or anything. i dont know if he's scared if he will change even more later on. but things dont seem right right now. how we ended just out of the blue.


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  • I don't think it is the military, but it seems a crappy way to end things by not telling you more.

    I do think he has moved on, and you should to. I am sorry.

  • Marines are hot heads. Find an Airman.


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