Judging a guy in the first 10 seconds...really!?

I've read numerous times that a girl, upon meeting a guy, will judge him within a matter of seconds on what potential social value he might have to her (i.e., boyfriend material, good "friend" material, or just a nice acquaintance). Rather disconcerting to us shyer guys who very often want to be in the "potential boyfriend" category, but don't know all the smooth "moves" that are required to create that critical first impression.

Girls, are you really that picky and demanding? Because I have to be honest, it's kinda discouraging. Can I fail that 3-10 second test based on the way I look (dress, height, ethnicity, facial features)? Is a half-decent guy who doesn't have the overt masculinity and smoothness of a player, but seems sincere, level-headed, and is at least attractive and interesting on a basic level, be given the same chance as the master flirter? How can a regular guy, an average Joe, turn on your "potential lover" switch at the time of that all-important first meeting?

I realize guys can be very picky as well; of course, they are usually the successful "player" types, or just guys with super-high self-esteem who have their pick of many women. But I just wanted to get a girl's perspective on this. Thanks.
Judging a guy in the first 10 seconds...really!?
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