Can I meet him in person after break up?

because we were in LDR we broke up over the text (LINE) last month and he asked me to forget about him. after that he also blocked me from all his social networks except Skype and so did I. but until now I still remember him, when I back I have a plan to visit his town and meet him in person, is it bad? and what do you think guys about what will I do?
h is my first and honestly, I want him back


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  • No, just leave him alone. You're broken up, Just forget about it and focus on things that are actually important.


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  • i was in your place at one point as well so maybe i can help you. honestly i know you feel like you miss him and you want him back but you really shouldn't. if he doesn't seem on board with getting back since he blockedd you on social networking sites. dont go back, i didn't and im happy with a DIFFERENT guy and he is sooooo much better. if you broke up, it was for thebest :)


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