Was he just drunk? I need a guy's help?

Okay here's the whole story, im a young woman, around 2/3 years a go i met my ex boyfriend and we dated for 2 years and then we broke up the last 6 months, I totally tried moving on and we cut all the communication between us after what happened. here's how we broke up, he just walked away, without saying a word. That filled me with doubts and depression because our relationship was a serious relationship, 5 months after break up he started to text and call me, he called me twice and both of the calls were drunken calls, he was drunk, i can tell by his voice, the last phone call he told me that he walked away because he was sick of my fights and stuff like that and he told me that I've always been on his mind, and he still thinks about me, misses me, but he was drunk, he was laughing like mad, but every question i had he answered it as a normal person, he also can remember everything and our last conversation by word, so i dont know, i dont know if he was just drunk or he really misses me, he doesn't call unless he is drunk (i guess) and he texted me i dont know if he was drunk when he texted, my question is, does this drunk call mean anything? he wasn't dirty about anything he was just saying cute stuff like i miss you so much, i miss your voice, i miss your laugh, and the laughing thing when i asked him about it he said that its because he remembers stuff, i dont know. Im dying to know why is he always calling me when drunk and the way he talked was pretty normal, does that mean he's just chilling or sensitive or he really thinks about me? i really found that disrespectful but i cannot tell him that i know that he is and i cannot hang up unless he has crossed the line, and that did not happen, he kept calling me baby and telling me that he never cheated and stuff like that, anyway i never got over him but i dont know what to do, how to act, do i text him back? do i pick up or not? why is that happening? i really really need answers!
Im also pretty sure he left (walked away without explanation) because of another girl.
And our relationship was falling apart the second year, he is a very selfish guy who spends all his time for himself and his friends, we see each other after months and it was driving me crazy, it was an unhealthy relationship but i really do love him


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  • If a guy calls when he is drunk he only thinks about you. Being drunk is his excuse to talk to you because he thinks you won't answer if he's sober.

    • you are like the first one to comfort me, thank you!! he still didn't call after, like nothing happened :(

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  • Wow he sounds depressed... He drinks bc he's hurtin and regrets walking away. Give him a chance i bet he'll sober up after. Bc your his happiness. With out you he uses alcohol. Don't let him become an alcoholic too.. Help him. He did a mistake. Forgive him.

    • But he just calls when drunk? all the other days he never calls or texts? I need an explanation? he also started seeing other girls, im so lost!

    • Okay. The fact the he call you drunk gives you an advantage. Being drunk spills out the truth. Ask him if he misses you. He won't hesitate for an excuse. And you can get a lot out of that. His only excuse. Is "i don't remember" when really he does. Maybe he talks to the girl. But isn't interested in her. Like i said. He will use other things to try to forget about you. But seems like you can't let go. Your his main happiness. He'll use alcohol to numb up the pain. He'll use a girl to try and forget.

    • he told me that he's been through a lot and i tried to take advantage of the fact that he is drunk surprisingly he told me that he's honest and told me that did nothing and he started looking for another girls after breakup and he misses me, but if thats true , why does he stop calling the normal days and calls in weird times when drunk only?

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  • Honestly I think you should tell him about this and ask if you can meet up and talk everything over. It seems like it would be okay to just tell him how you feel and maybe he'll open up and say what he told you over the phone was all true.

    • I dont want him to feel that im needy. I told him how i felt and he told me that he he never got me off his mind, but the thing thats driving me crazy that he just calls really late and when drunk, only !! i dont know why?

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    • Oh trust me I probably to. Me and my ex broke up over a year and two months ago and I still love him. But okay then just wait for him to call.

    • i hope he does

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