What happens if both parties do not consent to a divorce?

What happens if the other person refuses to get divorced? What if they say it is against their religion?


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  • You'll get a divorce. You get a time to sign the divorce papers, if you decline or don't reply, a judge will grant your partner the divorce.


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  • If one person wants a divorce and the other doesn't most of the times it ends up in court, in which most of the time the judge will have the marriage annulled.

    • hmmmm so what does that do with assets?

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    • FL.

      The 12 states that currently have no-fault insurance laws are Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah.

    • how does it differ from others?

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  • It will probably end up in court.


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  • Religion doesn't matter in divorce. At least in america.

    If both parties consent to divorce, its no problem.

    If both parties do not consent to divorce, why are they even getting divorced? Lol

    If one person refuses, it'll just be disputed in court and why they refuse. If its in regards to property division then it'll be discussed and disputed.


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