Why do I feel worse about this girl in the mornings?

I dated this girl for about 2 months and I completely fell for her. Recently she suddenly just stopped talking to me and ignored me. Even though I was at her house, she just ignored me until I left, then ignored all my texts ever since.

It has only been just under a week and I think she is already seeing another guy. Looking back on the time we dated I realised that I was pretty much being played the whole time and I just didn't see it.

Even though she did this to me, and probably never actually had true feelings for me, I still really like her way more than I should and I really just want to get over her now.

Every evening, I tend to watch some helpful videos on life and relationship coaching, and more often than not they make me feel better. They put me in a good frame of mind and just generally make me feel happier about life. But then every single morning as soon as I wake up, i'm miserable again. Why is it always worse in the mornings rather than the evenings?


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  • I feel yah usually it's around 3am for me, but Im guessing at night time we are tired so it's not as bad. But I still look at the clock when it's like 9pm and think to myself she's getting ready for bed.

    But at least 2 months was a short time compared to 9 months dating.

    So you got lucky cause further down it would have hurt more.


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