How to appear like I don't care?

So this guy that I was apparently talking to hasn't contacted me first in what appears to be a month. The last time I contacted him (about 3 weeks ago) he claimed he missed me (that was obviously a lie) and that we'd hang out when I got back to school. Either way, we follow each other on Instagram and I honestly want nothing to do with him. Should I unfollow him, or would that make it seem like I care? (I understand this is very petty) But I need help with coming out on top. Thanks :)


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  • Look, just appear like you care.


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  • Don't unfollow him. Don't ignore him either, but don't initiate anything with him. Get someone else, hang out with other people and maybe replace him with someone whether it be another guy or a girl or a new best friend. Either that, or you can be the bigger person and just text him, or wait until you see him, and just tell him that he just has to tell you whether or not he's interested, and you're not bothered with a pretend relationship.


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  • Watch attack on titan and act like Annie.


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