Should I contact her?

We were together 6 months & we broke up nearly a month ago. My friends & family say I'm better off without her because she treated me like shit but I still miss her so much. Also the thought of her being with another guy is killing me. She gave me a bunch of different excuses (I have posted them on here in another Q if you'd like to see) but she mostly kept saying she doesn't know why she doesn't like me anymore & that I'm great, she even said I'm the only guy she would ever consider going back to. She kept saying all these contradicting things but for some reason she's all I can think about I miss her so much. I can see where she's bad for me tho because I was always stressed & unhappy when I wasn't around her because of stuff she would say to me. She was never fully invested into the relationship to begin with either she would say still like "it's not like will last long anyway" which made me paranoid. Maybe it'll be different if I got her back or maybe not I don't know I just want her back & I want the pain to stop. Should I contact her or let time heal me?


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  • Personally, i'd let time heal you. I know it can be hard, but if she wasn't fully invested in the relationship in the first place, then she probably won't be the next time. From what i've read it sounds like she's leading you on alittle, and she may be unsure of what she wants. I'd cut contact so she doesn't think she can use you as a rebound in the future. You never know that may help her figure out what she wants too. Keep your head up, it'll get better with time.


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  • I was in the same situation as you last year the girl I went out with although we were together for 4 years was really bad for me and I was always stressed out and not happy and even to this day I still miss her BUT I cannot stress the importance of not contacting her if you were the one who got dumped. Block her off everything and don't contact her. Since you broke up have you spoken at all to her? If yes then go on a 30 day no contact cycle even if she calls ignore it, if she texts ignore it honestly it will drive her crazy that you're not replying. If you want her back don't contact her for at least 30 days then if you still want to then drop her a text and take it from there.

    • I haven't talked to her since the night she broke up with me. & she hasn't try'ed contacting me either. I don't know if she would even want me back. She doesn't seem like the type that would miss me since I haven't contacted her anyway. I also don't want to come off as needy or begging. So I should just let it be?

    • Just leave her be mate honestly if she doesn't contact you again as hard as it is to take (and believe me I know the feeling) it means she wasn't meant to be.

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  • I hate to say this but from my experience... I have such a hard time breaking up with anyone (cause I hate to hurt people) that when I do it I really mean it. I hope things do work out for you. I feel your pain. In my opinion she needs to reach out to you. If she does not you will meet a better love. You know the saying if you love something/someone set it free... They will come back to you if they truly love you


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