Break-up with boyfriend?

I broke up with this guy a couple weeks ago ever since he's been saying mean and rude things through other people to get to me i heard that the more a guy says mean things the more he's hurting is that true? di do u think that means he still has feelings for me if he's lashing out or is he just being mean i don't know i wanna know what an expert thinks I'm confused


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  • At that age, if he's saying mean things through other people, then my first instinct would be to say that he's just an ass. Be honest with yourself though. If you really hurt him in some way, cheated, told your friends embarrassing stories about him, etc... then maybe he's getting back at you for something you did. If your breakup was legit and you don't feel the mean things he's saying are justified, then I highly doubt he still has feelings for you. Just one of those guys with a personality that doesn't like it when they get rejected.


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  • Whatever he is talking about you, you should be glad you're not with him anymore. He is really pathetic and to answer your question - yes, he IS hurting.

    • After he broke up i started flirting with his cousin right in front of him because i know he kinda likes me too so alittle while later they were outdoors and he told him to come over and fight him he pushed him into a car and made his nose bleed does that mean they were fighting over me and he was jealous over me flirting with his cousin? he never said what the fight was about what do you think?

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    • My ex boyfriend or the cousin i was flirting with is into me?

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  • It doesn't matter what it means its disrespectful. Keep your head held high and do you. Don't give him any attention or time. Don't show any emotions towards him. By doing this it just shows others who the little person is.


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