She wants "time apart" but I think she's testing me if I will fight for her?

My ex gf and I were working through things again and we seemed to be in the honeymoon stage for a month. We got into an argument for a week straight over little stuff.

She got annoyed how we started seeing each other too much and done nothing but argue. I tried to make it work with her and told her we could keep working it out without time apart.

Anyways she said it wasn't working by seeing each other a lot so we should take time apart to forget about the arguments and miss each other.

Anyways we didn't talk for 2 days after and yesterday she texted me she loves me a lot and can't wait for the day I show her my love instead of telling her.

I do show my love to her & she knows that but this time apart thing is killing me. Why would she want time apart instead of working it out by talking? Any girls point of view here? I'm giving her a lot of space but at the same time I think she's testing me if I will fight for her.
Confused on wether I should keep contact with her. I miss her a lot but I can't fight for something she suggested which was time apart


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  • I'm gonna give you some grade A hard cold advice that you will most likely not enjoy receiving:

    Your girl is a BEYOTCH.

    For starters, any woman who does anything to "test" a man is insecure, full of shit and plain trouble. Such women are easily irritated (hence your week-long arguments) and require constant inflation of their egos in order to keep them stable. Notice how I said stable instead of happy. That's because the second you stop pandering to her, she'll explode on you and tell you you never loved her and other emotional blackmail bullshit.

    Secondly, who the fuck fights for a whole bloody week? If you're willing to "fight" for this girl, I imagine you probably see a future together. So explain to me how you're going to maintain a relationship and possibly start a future together with someone, who gets pissy with you over for seeing each other "too much". Do you plan on living together? Because you'll see each other A LOT, if that happens. How is she going to cope with that?
    Surely in a mutually enjoyable relationship both parties want to be together as much as possible. I can only assume that your relationship is less than stellar, if she needs to be away from you to "miss you" some in order to get her feelings for you restored or something.

    And lastly, that little phrase there where she claims she can't wait for you to show her you love her instead of telling it just sounds SOOOO bloody self-absorbed. How about SHE gets off her entitled little arse and do something to show how much she loves and appreciates YOU?
    Lets not forget the fact that this is your EX and exes are such for a reason. So she either left you or things simply didn't work out, because you realized you were incompatible. Regardless of the reason, that person wasn't worth your time then, why should they matter to you any more now? So far she doesn't strike me as a winner.

    My personal advice: break it off and seek a GOOD woman to be in a relationship with, if you must.

    • This is something I needed to hear. She made it sound like I don't spoil her or treat her like a princess. I gave her my everything during the 4 years we were together. I'm her first everything so I hope she realizes how much I cared for her when she seeks for this in her new relationship.

    • Wow, dude. Entitled bitch alert, I'm sorry. 4 years is a long time, so I can definitely understand how you'd be hurt, but letting her go will be for the better.

      Good luck.

    • Yup can't believe it. I was her first relationship and I thought I was ready to settle down with her too..

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  • Red flags. I would watch her every move. I mean if she wants "time" and to run from a little situation, how is she going to handle marriage? She is acting like a child. I would suggest to save yourself from a divorce with you giving her half, paying alimony, etc and find someone better


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  • I actually do this when I really like a guy. Normally I say I can't Do this anymore, normally because my 101 insecurities. And the guys usually show no fight and breakup with me.
    I never try to change their mind either. Strange but true! Probably lost the love of my life because of this. Och well

  • I think she feels crowded in your relationship and wants that thrill and excitement that you both had in the beginning. It does seem like she's making you work for her love. She wants you to excite her in some way, to rekindle your romantic feelings. But she doesn't realize that a relationship isn't all joy and laughter. There are going to be bumps, lots of bumps in the road, and she has to be willing to work them out with you. If she wants space and yet continues to text you, expecting you to fight for her love while she sits back, It's not fair to you.


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