What to do about Facebook after your guy ends your relationship?

My guy abruptly ended our 4 mth awesome relationship with bs reasoning (my guess is he met someone else). He never deleted me from FB. Do I? I miss him like crazy but will not and have not contacted him.


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  • Don't delete him from Facebook. That would be showing him that he is important and that he can affect you. Just change your "in a relationship" status in case you have it.
    Then focus on yourself. Be at your best. Try to improve yourself and your self confidence. Date other guys and see what's out there.
    If he has to come back one day, he will. Just don't put your life on hold and live it the best you can!

    • Thank you. I thought the same. I done want him to think I am dying for him over here. Although I kinda am...

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  • If he broke up with you this will be a permanent breakup. I'd delete and block all his stuff and start the process of healing.

    • Do they ever come back around? We both talked about how lucky we were to have found one another... I just don't understand how people change so quickly with out explanation...

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    • It wasn't like that (fwb). I met his family at Thanksgiving, he pushed the relationship. I guess when someone can fall that hard so fast and intro you to the family so soon that's a red flag. Thanks for the tough love. I had guys break things off and come back around but by then I have moved on.

    • I'd say if a guy can so willingly chuck you on the scrap heap/break up with you. He was never really into you in the first place.
      Don't give him a second more of your time. He won't be wasting his on you! This is the truth. You filled a void or a need at that time now it's finished.
      Just wish all girls could adopt the same philosophy. Would save them many a sleepless night.

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