Need a bit of advice on my EX girlfriends behavior?

My ex who split with me at the beginning of December, who ended things as she said that she was unhappy in our relationship due to a tough month of November for us both, has contacted me every week since we split up.

I received a text message just before Christmas saying that she wanted to meet up after the New year and maybe discuss the relationship and just talk about things.

well she usually never continued the conversations but this time she did and then sent me a "Happy Christmas T xx" on Christmas day.

we had conversations on and off until the 27th. She was out in a club and she wanted to see me, so she came to my apartment. She was crying telling me how much she missed me and loved me etc etc, then wanted to know if I had been speaking to any girls etc... i politely told her that isn't any of her business ( even though I hadn't spoke to many). She told me she had been speaking to this guy as a distraction to the pain and she felt bad for him.

well she stayed the night, and in the morning she was doing the same lovey dovey stuff, hugging, kissing, telling me how much she loved me etc.
I took her home and she told me she would text me later... She did and we were both going out that night so we would see each other. She came back to mine again that evening
Next day i foolishly told her i enjoyed spending time with her, and she told me her head was confused and a mess again and thats he didn't want to lead me on, I was crushed, but i told her right ok thats fine and I left her alone.
New Years Eve comes and I wake to miss calls from her. I seen she had gotten a picture with the "guy" she had spoke to though via Facebook. I told her right via text she couldnt contact me anymore if she was with this guy, She hit me with a lot of rubbish so I did tell her that its best we dont speak and that she has hurt me by her actions over the past few days

Im looking for a bit of advice on what is happening here :(?


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  • It sounds like she's playing you. Like she goes to you when she wants to feel loved because she thinks you'll take her back i she's all mushy and sweet to you. And sounds like the thing about that other guy was bs and she really just wanted to talk to him... I'm really sorry but that's what it sounds like. Don't be sad doe be strong.


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