Is this the right decision?

I just broke up with my boyfriend, he is very handsome and emotionally good. He used to be in college but he dropped out, he doesn't have a job and we got into a fight because he thought I was cheating and threw me against the wall. I closed myself in a closet and broke up with him threw text. He cried kept apologize but I couldn't do this anymore! I'm tired of going on dates and paying for stuff. I'm tired of helping him get a job. And that was the last straw. He begged for me and kept apologizing. He finally left and I locked the door and etc. I feel sooo bad for breaking up with him. And he is texting me making me feel like I am in the wrong. Am I wrong?


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  • Nope... not at all. I have gotten angry before, but you do not get physical. But that isn't the only reason, he is mooching off of you and doing nothing to fix it.


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