Can someone decipher this?

I admit I have said some things to you in the last 3 months that wasn't nice and you didn't like, but I never once treated you like crap, lied to u, led u on, pretended to care, or ripped ur heart out.. so until I get this anger I have towards u out my heart, I might say some things that your not going to like and I'm truly sorry for it, I pray everyday for the Lord to erase that anger, but it's hard because I let u in and you hurt me, but I'm working on it. So if I have Said/say something U don't like I'm sorry.
I wrote this to my boyfriend and he say he don't understand it.


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  • it means he's still dealing with getting over you, but giving you a formal warning of whats to come, if anything.

    • Yea that exactly what I meant. I wrote it to him and he say he didn't understand it

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  • Are you seriously having a hard time understanding it?

    • No I wrote it.. he say he dont understand it

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  • It means whoever you've caused a lot of hurt is now very angry and is more than likely going to give you pure hell.

    • I wrote it to him and in not going to put him through hell.. he said he didn't understand it

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    • To see can y'all understand what I meant because he say he don't know what it mean

    • It's pretty self-explanatory, I understood what you meant, I just got confused as to whom sent it to whom.

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