My girlfriend is confused... taking me for granted?

I have been with my Girlfriend for 4 months now. We are both in College, and she is my first love. We where crazy about each other and hung out a lot during the semester. I'm so crazy about this girl and I take her out to eat all the time, showered her with gifts and always payed attention to her needs, such as fixing her car... etc. I couldn't really help myself (Again she's my first love). Everything was going perfectly until we began to come to the end of the semester. She started telling me she was confused about how she felt about me and "us". Now being winter break from school she's on vacation with family, however we still are "together" and text. I've tried breaking up with her but every time I really don't wanna let her go and we come to the conclusion that her feelings aren't as strong but she possibly just needs some time. Wants to see whats its like once we are together. I'm afraid that she'll keep blowing hot and cold like this. She said she wants, to want me, and be with me but her heart is not in the same place. I've treated her so well over the course of the couple months that she never has had somebody like me. I'm trying to figure out if there is any hope in her ever coming around? Is this as case of her not realizing how good she has it, and might come to that conclusion once I'm gone? She does have a lot of insecurities and a really bitchy personality and is very easily annoyed but I come to accept her flaws. I am still madly in love with her but she does not feel the same, I don't know what to do anymore. Anyone has similar experiences please share.


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  • it sounds like she does not appreciate you! I am my bf first girlfriend and he does the same thing as u said except one difference... I do the same for him! I love him so i am always there for him, give him gifts, make sure to communicate, etc .

    On a separate not i am just wondering cuz my bf never had kissed anyone untill me anyway when a guy has a first relationship with a girl like later in life college time or later is he more likley to really be attahced like i sometimes worry he may think he can do better because he has never dated but he never shows that like complte opposite. he tels me he is lucky all the tiem. sorry long rant. anyway is there do u think a corelation b/w frist loves later in life for guys to be more attahced or willing to make things work if things dont /start to go downhill?

    • I mean she did the same for me in the relationship. We exchanged Christmas gifts and she did special things for me. And text ed she loved me like crazy and stuff over the beginning of break, and One day i guess I annoyed her a bit and she just said she doesn't really miss me and is not sure again, ever since then things have been weird. She doesn't want to break up and says she doesn't want to string me along but she's become colder and more distant then she used to be. I'm so confused if she actually wants to be with me again and is looking for that spark or if I'm just getting played.

    • hmm yea that is kinda weird. like my bf may annoy me but i just make him go shoeshopping lol i would not break up over soemthing small or stupid. How long have y'all been going out? It kinda sounds like she is not sure if she likes u yet and wants to see if she can like u more like her interested waivered. It kinda seems like either ur her safe place and does not wan to break up cuz she can't be single or she likes u but is not sure yet.. My suggestion would be plan a nice evening put thought into it but not a lot of money. like maybe a few rental movies some fav sncaks and have her over. make a blanket fort or soemthing see how she reacts be spontaious about it. if she is cld after then drop her. when my bf does sweet stuff i am all over him in every way lol

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  • Dude maybe the honeymoon phase is over? Is she missing a previous ex or something?

    I was in the same boat as you about a month ago, did everything for my first real love. Then she ran into an ex and was confused on what she wanted. Simple as that nine months down the drain. She dumped me to try again with an ex.

    I have the same question to, will they realize what they lost? Yes most likely one day when they get hurt. But I don't know I'm already moving on in my life.

    All we can do is move on, and live life, who knows maybe one day she'll come back or not.


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  • I think she is taking you for granted yes

  • This made me sick to my stomach. Move on or be the spineless jellyfish of a person that you currently are.

    • you wanna elaborate?

    • She is taking you for granted because you are allowing it. Stop it. You're allowing her to mistreat you like some kinda little girl or something? Break up with the bitch and be done with it.

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