Should I call my ex gf?

I really don't want to give up on her. We were hitting off things again and she was falling for me. We had an argument for a week and she said it was best to take apart so we can miss each other again and forget all the arguments we had.

She said feel free to text or call her just to say hi or to hang out. I just want her to initiate contact with me again but I don't think she will.

I came over Saturday and we cuddled and slept together. I told her I'll miss her and she said the same thing before I left. Haven't heard from her for 3 days now. Should I chase her? I was thinking of waiting it out for 2 weeks then invite her to dinner.

I just think she's wishing that I'm fighting for her by contacting her but I don't know. Any advice guys?


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  • If you care contact her

    • Even though she wants time apart from me should I contact her? I really love this girl with all my heart

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  • If you want her, go get her.

    If you don't don't.

    Your freakin' life is slipping away second by second.

    Stop playing games and take a tip from Bruce Lee:

    "First be, then you are."

    • I do want her but that time apart thing will make me look desperate contacting her. My ego is in the way but I want her

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    • Well said. How should I contact her? Ill probably just text her

    • A heart felt call will always be more effective.

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  • She's not interested. Let her go


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