Ex gf who was once a virgin is sleeping around after she broke it off with me?

My ex who was once a virgin until I took it started sleeping around. She was with me for 5 years and only had me inside her.

She's had like 4 guys she had sex with after our breakup and I want to get back with her. I don't know wtf is wrong with her. She told me she used it to get over me and isn't over me yet but she broke it off with me?

She said she still loves me also


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  • Why'd she break-up with you? Were there unmet needs she continually brought up with you and you never did anything to resolve them for her (which would make her feel like you took her for granted so her breaking up with you still fucked her over because she didn't really want to) Or did you break up with her? That might have broken her if you broke up with her and she wanted you to be her one and only - that would fuck a girl with a one and only mindset... She might not have known how to cope with it all...
    It's really sad... :(

    • She broke it off with me cause our relationship went stagnant. I also think she wanted to explore cause I was her first everything for 5 years.

      When she got back in contact she said I'm the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with, she'll be waiting for me etc..

      I just don't know how she can sleep around like this

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    • awww thanks for the MHO
      But please... keep yourself busy instead of rushing things too soon...
      Stick to a quick meal and be prepared to talk about the tough issues in a cool collected manner... and then let things take their natural path.
      Don't pre-plan things in advance because you don't want all your good work to come crashing down on you if she does have prior plans.
      Focus on yourself and keeping you busy and healthy
      Good luck with everything!!

      You know... I really hope that my bf loves me as dearly as you do your girl... I am not sure if he does even though he says he's never felt this way for anyone... Ours is a new relationship unlike yours so lots of uncertainty... If anything I can relate to that :)

    • It took me 6 months to drop those 3 words to her but if he said he hasn't felt that way for someone then he should be feeling it soon :)

      Yup I'm trying to keep busy with work and fitness goals. It's just her that's missing in my life.

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  • She probably cheated on you and got addicted to better sex. (No offense) but she probably does still emotionally like you... Just not physically. Just a hunch though.

    • Ahhh could be a very good reason

    • Well we've been split for 3 months now and we didn't have contact for a month. She contacted me and we caught up on things and we had sex again and tried to make it work until I strted an argument with her

    • Yea it totally still fits the scenario though. I mean she can still have sex with you and not like it as much as the others. She obviously is emotionally attached to you.

  • Why do you want to get back with her? Give me some legitimate reasons why.

    • The connection we had, bond, and I was ready to settle down with her

    • She obviously isn't though.

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  • She's bullshitting you. She doesn't give a shit about you man. She's only telling you that she's trying to get over you so that she doesn't look like a fucking whore.

    The fact is that she turned into a little ho-bag. I know you like her but I think it's time for you to move on to greener pastures. She's obviously over you and it's sad to see you pining for her while she's out on the cock-carousel.

    I mean, seriously dude, have some pride. Stop talking to her.

    • Horrible, horrible advice. Ugh.

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    • I'm guessing this girl is close to your age. She choose to share her first experience with you. You should be flattered and honored. Once you two were not together anymore, who or how many she chooses to be with is really none of your business. If you decide to get back together with this girl her personal choices when she was single shouldn't factor into you decision making process. If you can't look past that, then the best thing you can do for her is let her go. She deserves a man that won't judge her for being a normal young woman. You have to figure out if your judgement is more important to you than the perspective relationship. Boom. Just like that. Good luck my friend.

    • Pride and ego is what messed me up. You're right bromanicus. I'll be telling her that when we talk again. Any tips on how to win her back?

  • Wow... she's losing it. She broke up with you and she's the one trying to get over it? Hahah

    I think she needs to realize if she still loves you try and get back with you. Just sleeping around is hurting her and hurting you in the end. All that is doing is making her miss you more.

    Hope she gets her senses back bro, thats something hard to deal with. I don't even think I could deal with that, I'd be hot blooded.

  • A lot of people take a break up in such a bad way that they resort to using coping mechanisms, their self-esteem is broken, they're not in a great place emotionally and mentally and because they are naturally mentally weak they resort to abusing narcotics, alcohol, food and of course have sex with multiple people.

    I honestly cannot fathom why you'd want someone so mentally weak back. She's a damaged individual and if she hasn't already she'll soon become a hot bed for STI's and other infections.

    Sling her away, get her out of your system and move forth with life would be my advice to you.


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