I sent my ex a text telling him im done trying to get him back?

I just sent my ex a text saying I am done with him. I told him im done with him hurting me and making me feel dumb and I wished him the best in live. so did I make things worse or was that a good decision? I really want him back!!!
we dated for 10 months became ff for 5months we always fight and ignore eachother for 2 months and he always ends up coming back even when he says he doesn't love me?


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  • It was a good decision. Because it ends your pain. If he is still interested he will come after you. If he doesn't like you even a bit then you know it's done.


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  • It's good decision if you are going to stick with it and not contact him again. But if you are saying that but secretly still want him then it was a bad move and completely defeats the entire purpose of sending such a message to your ex.

  • well... u should have exactly said what you wanted..
    here u wanted him back but u said u dont want him back... so he will get that message...
    i did this mistake too... so ya.. it was a mistake...
    now just dont contact him... or u will make him push him more

  • I don't think it was the right thing to do if you really want him back. The problem with the message you sent is that it is a bit passive-aggressive. You should have sent something like "I hope you manage to figure things out and that you find some happiness". Telling him you're done with him hurting you is not good because it's throwing blame in his face and even if he deserves it, it's not going to do anything in your favour.

    Anyway, what's done is done. We shouldn't be too concentrated on what you have already done but on what you can do now. And there is only one thing you should do: make yourself unavailable. Don't just say that you are done, don't keep thinking "I'll send this one more message because he really needs to know this", no excuses. You said you were done, and now you are done. For now. For 2-4 weeks you are unavailable, at least. You both need this time to figure things out. If you keep breaking up though then perhaps you should reevaluate the relationship and ask yourself if there isn't perhaps a guy out there who could be better for you.


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