How to get over someone after 5 years?

10 days ago I came home to an empty room. All of my partners clothes were gone and half of the furniture. This is a guy I've been seeing on and off for 5years. i moved to Australia for him so all my family is in Europe . We had been fighting in the past because he cheated on me and tried to work through it after a break up then. However I didn't feel like. he was trying enough to make it up to me. which upset me and I kept bringing up the past also to new people which i regret and pushed him further away. After a big fight a few months ago he didn't come. home a few nights and just off and left and I believe he was seeing someone then and started to hide his phone again wouldn't tell me where he was etc.. started staying out late again ignored all my texts turned his phone off on me... and so on which ended in more fights cos i just wanted respect. After every fight he also just blocked me off his Facebook... when he left without even telling me I was in tears. he said he just wanted to be alone but then I found out he's been asking an other girl for sex but she knew he had a girlfriend and where I worked so showed me the texts.. I was furious because he kept telling me that he had changed and left because I keep accusing him and puttin him down and he just didn't like it... when I told him I knew about the texts and was also soo angry and names and shamed him on Facebook... he just said I pushed him to do so cos I wouldn't let him change and he hated me... I keep blaming myself. Last night I went out and made out with someone else but no sex and now i even feel guilty and miss him... what is wrong with me? He texted me two days ago everything will take time. and I should cheer up and he has no feelings right now but just wants to be alone and take responsibility. My brain is goin crazyband dont know how to deal with this or how to feel.. and at times i just want him back as well. should I go to see a therapist? Help ps im 26 he is 32


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  • Yes go see a therapist, they can help you work through all the chaos.

    • Yes I think I might do that im really depressed when. alone

    • Hey its great to gain some unbiased perspective.
      I go to one every week.

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    Once i end a relationship with a person it is never ever return route.

    • Thank u. It feels really hard though I keep. blaming myself. he's out there sleeping around. And I feel guilty trying to do the same. and even though I hate him I still. love him. But I haven't contacted him either

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    • you need to keep yourself occupied during this period. otherwise you would keep thinking about him. reason why people find it hard to move on also because we tend to lock ourselves in the sweet memories we used to share with that person..
      i don't like people to hurt me and i avoid or try my best not to do so to others. I would never accept a guy who hurt me as a friend, not even a normal or ordinary friend. once i decided, i am firm about it.

    • you are most welcome

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