Pregnant girlfriend cheated, can't let go of ex whether its him or her reaching out. Can cheaters change?

I've been with my girlfriend about 6 months, we live together. I thought I found the one I was really confident in having a child with, so we tried and succeeded. Her ex is back into the picture, and she ended up cheating on 2 separate occasions now, which I have found out for myself not without huge arguments. I've been through hell and back so many times with her and dont know if its going to work out. I do everything I can whenever I can, on top of working 7 days a week and constantly listening and giving her the support and advice she needs.. Even if the things she ends up asking me hurt me more than anything. I know the more I explain the more I'm going to be called stupid.. But growing up I've had nothing but bad parents.. I've learned from my parents mistakes and growing up have promised myself I'll be a better parent than that. (I do NOT want to be a weekend daddy).. I feel the need to stay and fight for what I wish would work out, on top of supporting the both of us without help because I can't stomach the thought of not being able to see my own baby every day I wake up.. I don't know what to do. I want/need my baby, and I'd love things to work out with the mom but its like my feelings don't matter. And yes, I'm confident that the baby is mine without going into complete details on why. There was a period of when she got pregnant that I know she wasn't in contact. I will still get a test done. (I really don't have anybody to talk to.. She asked me to stop talking to my ex that I used to vent to so I've kept to my promise because I know me her and the baby don't need anymore stress) I guess what I'm asking for is just somebody's opinion on my mess so my thoughts aren't just stirring by themselves. Thanks


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  • Do a paternity test and prey it is not yours.
    You have a codepency issue. Seek some help


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  • I would say leave her for sure if you didn't have a child but since you have that commitment only you can make that decision. However I do not feel like she loves because if she did the x would not be in the picture.


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