How long after a break up before you start dating again?

My girlfriend recently dumped me (ie said she needed time to herself to work out if she still loves me). I love her but can't put my life on hold indefinitely. How long before I get back out there, dating again?


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  • Rushing into a new relationship is never good, regardless of what your girlfriend says or does. I feel like after a relationship ends, people need to gain real insight into what's going on. Sadly, there are people out there who run from one person to the next because they cannot be single. I don't see being single as "putting your life on hold", not at all. Your life continues even if you don't have a partner, a partner should never define you or your life. Spend some time being on your own, you are definitely not ready for a new relationship. Obviously, the time people need between relationship varies from person to person so I can't tell you you should wait exactly 3.5 months. Just enjoy being on your own for a while and when the time is right, you will feel it. Concentrate on yourself right now and stop worrying about the future and when you should start dating again.


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  • When ur ready. The worst thing anyone can do is put a time frame on this sort of thing. It makes sense too, i mean why would u force urself to date if u knew u weren't ready?


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  • in my opinion if it was a very serious relationship its best not to rush into another serious or potentially serious relationship, you need time to heal, focus on yourself, grow out out of that past, learn from it, and accept what has happened; when you feel centered once more as a person and comfortable to share your happiness with someone else again go for it, just def don't rush it man. sometimes its better to be alone for a while than in bad company.

  • What a fucking bitch. How can a girl ever demand respect when she puts you on hold to fuck other guys?

    You can start dating whenever you want, but I'd recommend you don't for at least a month, just so you focus on yourself.

    I really hate women who do that.


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