People why it was so bad?

people why it was so bad? people why it was so bad?


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  • I'm assuming you're asking about why the breakup between you and your Ex was so bad. This is rather easy to answer but most guys ego's won't allow them to accept it.

    First of all, in most cases the woman is the one that initiates the breakup. The guy is usually blind sided because he never saw the split coming. Guys usually think the woman arrives at this conclusion over night, but she doesn't. This decision was pondered carefully and over a length of time. Since guys don't know this, it adds tremendously to the pain they feel. They are literally left still very much in love. Furthermore, unlike her, he was not given time to prepare for the end.

    Making matters worse, when breaking up most women find it difficult to just come out and say it's over. This is especially true if the man is a great guy that respects her and shows his deep love for her. The desire to leave this relationship is contrary to everything she's been taught and to what she is hearing from friends and relatives who hold him in high esteem.

    Here is why "it was so bad" for you and many other men out there. In order for a woman to justify the breakup, she will subconsciously pick a fight with the guy. The spark is usually a well placed putdown that festers and then quickly degenerates to shouting and angry insults. This gives the woman the much needed, guilt free excuse to breakup with the guy. After all, the guy lost his self-control when he engaged her in the shouting free for all. Now without a girlfriend, this leaves the guy stupefied and wondering what happened. This is why "it was so bad."

    I hope I answered your question. : )

    • Woow Here is the answer I'm looking for... thank you

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