Dumped my ex boyfriend... should I unblock him from Whatsapp?

I left my boyfriend because I was no longer happy. He also played mind games with me and disrespected me. However, last night he kept phoning me after I dumped him. I eventually blocked him from Whatsapp because I couldn't deal with him acting on his emotions. However it's now the next day and I don't want to keep him blocked forever as I think that's rude. I still want to keep communication open cause he is a great guy and all but he's just not for me.


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  • Well, didn't you talk to him when you broke up with him about if you still wanted the friendship. ? Just tell him to back off, you made up your. mind, but don't mind being friends.


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  • No, its not rude. You two seem to be incompatible on every level, so no point in unblocking him. Staying away from each other is the best way going forward.

    • I feel sorry for him. Like I really care about him and clearly he is upset so I feel like a bad person for keeping him blocked.

    • Well... if you have no intention of getting back with him, you're actually doing him a favor by blocking him because that will help him move on faster.

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  • Wait a few months before that


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