Why does my mood change so quickly when trying to get over a girl?

I had only been seeing this girl for about 2 months. I really became attached to her and developed really strong feelings for her. We always texted each other and I think I started to become a bit too needy. I was always going to her house and spending time with her and her family. This probably made me think that things were becoming more serious than they actually were and I think I was thinking about commitment a bit too much for her.

Every time I expressed my feelings for her she always said how she didn't know what she wanted and that she didn't know how she felt about me. She started pushing me away more and more and about a week ago she pretty much just started to ignore my texts. I acted way too needy at this point, sending her flowers and stuff. I then decided that the only thing to do was to put the ball in her court, telling her to feel free to message me if she ever wanted to talk again, and just leave it at that.

It has been almost a week now and she hasn't contacted me at all. There is such a huge temptation to text her but I know it will just make things worse if I do. I am desperately trying to get over her but I just can't stop thinking/dreaming about her and regretting some of the things I did that drove her away. Is there any chance left?

I have also noticed how rapidly my mood has been changing over the past few days. occasionally I will be unusually motivated and in high spirits, but this can sometimes only last for about 10 mins, sometimes longer sometimes shorter. The rest of the time I will be extremely unhappy and just think about her, even when I'm out with friends or busy doing other things. Why is this?


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  • Because you miss her and you're upset. It's pretty simple.

  • U must know women never like needy men and the worst is ur flower u think u did good thing and its really good thing but they are differnt u should be mesterious and ignoring her some times it's long list to tell u, anyway now dont contact her at all except its her bd or your anniversary when u first time saw her or any important occasion

    If she text u back text her after 6 hour

    Sample words no more

    If u think u can't change move on and find new girl accept who u r u dont need to change for this women it's up to u


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