Ex gf wants time apart from me, should I stay in contact?

After a bad argument with my ex gf she wanted to take it slow and take time Apart from me. I asked her if we can just work it out and she said we've been arguing everyday for a week and said time apart would be the best thing.

I didn't want to force her to stick it out so I just said okay and respecter her decision. Last time I spoke to her was when I was over her place. Our last exchange to each other was I love you and I'll miss you.

She wanted the time apart so we can cool down and forget the arguments, miss each other, focus and improve ourselves.

Surprised she hasn't texted me. Should I text her or stick to the Time apart and wait for her to contact me?
i did tell her I contact me when she's ready to make it work. She said same to me.


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  • I would wait till she cooled and let her text first. I bet she feels the same way you do right now.


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