Breaking up with the most popular guy. HELP?

So I am dating the most popular guy in my school. I hate him. I love him as a friend considering we were friends for 3 years but in a relationship... ugh. Too clingy and trying to hard. He's the opposite of what I want. I want someone dominant and sexy and he's like this little puppy that won't shut up. I know I should break up with him but I can't. I value my popularity and if I break up with him he will see to it that every guy hates me. He's done it before. Sadly, when all the guys hate a girl, they're dumb girlfriends follow them and hate me too. I don't want no friends. This is my last year so I thought I'd just stick it out till the end but the very thought of him kissing me again makes me want to puke. To make it worse, he's one of those plan ahead guys and I have commitment issues. Also, he is very overprotective and am a very flirty person by nature. Basically we are complete opposites. The only reason I dated him in the first place was because a player destroyed my heart and he offered me a shoulder to cry on. He was my rebound but he was not a rebound kinda guy. He thought it meant that we were together. How do I break up with him without everyone hating me?


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  • Based on how you describe him, how is this guy popular?

    • I have no clue but for some reason every fawns all over him.

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  • Well first of all, end your relationship with him. You're clearly not happy and don't want to be his girlfriend. You're making yourself suffer and for what? Popularity? Why?

    I'm not sure how you can "break up with him without everyone hating you", but I can guarantee that most people won't care longer than a week about who broke up with who and will get over it. And your real friends and people that ACTUALLY MATTER will stick by you and not hate you.


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  • He sounds lame as hell. But it seems like you keep falling for the same obnoxious popular players. It seriously makes me wonder how i haven't been able to get a girlfriend when these plebs have like infinite success.


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