Hypothetical situation... what if?

This is hypothetical but what if this situation happened to you. If you dated someone for about 4-5 months but the relationship didn't last only because there wasn't any communication or effort to stay together. After a couple of weeks or a month you find out you're pregnant. Would you contact and tell the the other person if so why and why not. Would you consider the other alternative options. Men would you want to know even if you broke up with the other person and why or would you think it was a trap/lie. Would you care if the person takes the alternative option would you want to know if she does take it.


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  • Yeah I wanna know if its my kid and most girls lie about being pregnant to keep the man from leaving them.


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  • If I were one to have sex with someone after not being together very long or if I were someone who isn't waiting until marriage *ahem* heck yes I'd tell the man!


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