Should I wait for her?

Hi ,
I am fun loving guy who fell in love with her best friend. I proposed her in oct, 2014 and the things were going quite well. We hide our relationship becoz of her parents.. Her parents are damm strick and they want her to focus only on her career and nothing else... After 5 weeks, she began to have her family problems. And she decided to have break... i was very hurt and broken... She was my everything... Then i decided to go strick no contact with her... She messaged me couple of times.. But i didn't reply... And on one fine day she messaged me i don't want to lose friendship with a guy like you and this is affecting your friendship i think we should talk n sort it out... I became weak and i replied her... Conversation was going well she said i missed you a lot and showed many signs that she is still interested in me... Later her friend who knew about us told me that she still likes me... I don't know what to do now? Point is her parents won't allow any relationship until her graduation is complete. Should i wait for her?


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  • of course. if you trully love her. itll be the worth the wait. good things come to people to wait.

    • I love her a lot... But waiting is quite painful

    • I know.. im in the same situation. trust me when you guys can finally go public itll be worth it. just keep in your mind the good moments and why its worth it. your actually building a nice long meaningfull bond.

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  • ask her if she's truly commited to you, man. I KNOW y'all aren't together but be real with her she'll be real with you

    • She said she can't commit right now.. And that's the reason y i am afraid to wait... But she has told her friend that she still love me... And misses me... Our mutual friend showed me the conversation on the phone

    • screw what her friend said if im being honest, get it straight up from the source. you said contact was sketchy ok cool wait for that time to ask HER not her friend what you need to know, it might be some time but seriously weight out your options

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  • Well gv this sum tym then!

  • Too young to even think about getting married.


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  • if you got nothing else going for you then you can wait.


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