Acting like being in a relationship, but he refuses that we are. Now I dumped him in hope he will realize what I ment.. but will he?

I have dated a guy for two months. He treated me like his girlfriend, introduced me to his friends, told his mom about me, kissed me infront of our class.. and I am the first girl he has been with for years. He told me after one month that I was the chillest thing he ever had and that he hoped we could keep it that way. I was a bit confused of what he ment but I assumed it wasn't something to worry about, and that it might had something to do with past less chill experiences.
Then now, I went home for Christmas holiday, and when i came back he came over and he had an amazing evening. Making dinner, kissing and cuddeling, having sex.. and while im laying in his arms, naked in bed, he asks me what I think about us. I said I thought we were great. Then he said "I like you but I dont know". I tried to make him explain what I dont know ment but he couldnt. I told him that it wasn't good enough. He said he knew I liked him a lot but he felt that he didn't give me back the same love as I gave him. "But yeeah we are just friends, right? We are too young to be in a reationship". (He is 24). I looked at him and said "I think you should leave".
He was quite surprised, and was really slow leaving. He tried to hug me before leaving but I told him no. Before leaving he said "Maybe im just stupid. I have to think".
And then he left and we didn't speak after (1,5 week). We are in parallell class so I see him every or every second day. I avoided him the first days, and I think he was really hurt. He talked with a lot of people in my class about it. He ignored me back the two days after. Then I decided to try to be really friendly and I gave him a little smile when I passed the last day.
I am really hurt, but I still really like him and I rarely do that. All I want is him to realize he made a big mistake. What is going on in his mind, and how should I act towards him?
by the way he is a gemini.


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  • Hang on a minute, I'll just look into my crystal ball and while we're at it, he's a Gemini, so I'll get his weekly horoscope for you too.

    It seems to me that he wanted a friends with benefits casual thing and you wanted more (why you slept with beggars belief but stupid is as stupid does). You threw him out and now it seems as though he's done with you.

    I'd just move on if I was you, he may come back or he may not, it's hard for me to tell as my crystal ball doesn't seem to be working as intended at the moment.


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  • Obviously neither one of you had the "talk", you both just assumed and both assumed the wrong thing. Neither one of you were on the same page. He doesn't want a girlfriend, if he did he would have contacted you by now. Just move on.


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  • He didn't make a mistake, let alone a big one. You wanted different things. None of you are wrong or right. Unfortunately unless he changes his mind there's not much you can do. It does sound like he liked you back too, but if it's true he has to realize it himself. Every guy is different, and their reactions to a girl's attitude/approach change as well. What you do in order to get him back might push him further.
    And I don't know what being a gemini changes :/

  • If your guy can last a full month without contact I'd move on!
    This advice comes from a lot of experience


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