Is this a good sign?

me and my bf if 5 years recently broke up. recently he went upstate with friends to snowboard. This summer i had gone up with him and it was the first time we actually slept together. I heard that when he went this time he slept alone and not with the single girl. is this a good sign for me


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  • How long have you two been broke up?
    Yes that's a good sign, I just got out of a relationship myself last month, and honestly dating or having sex with other woman is the last thing on my mind.

    Even seven months later I think I would still feel the same.

    So I think it's a good sign, he's faithful even when it didn't work out. There's no telling when you two would ever get back together. So for him to hold out is a good sign I think.

    • Ik how u feel and we broke up about a week and a half ago

    • Oh that's it? Well yah it could be, but then again not that much time has passed. He is still having whiplash from the break up, and maybe is not ready to fool around with someone else.

      But almost two weeks apart isn't enough to analyze anything yet. Since everything is still fresh.

      Like me for example, current ex gf left me for her ex and they got back together in about week and a half. It's been almost a month and a half and I haven't slept with anyone after and I don't plan on it further down. If he wants to get back then great if not, just see what time brings down the road.

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  • I don't get why it's a good sign for you. Are you planning on getting back together, or what?

    • i want to

    • I see, then yes it could be a good sign that he's not hooking up with anyone else.

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  • he's commited to you and only you. yoube got yourself a keeper


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