No contact with ex is killing me. Should I just tell her?

So my ex and I were taking it slow and slowly getting back together during the month of December until arguments happened. She couldn't get over the arguments and everytime we saw each other we would argue and I would always try to make it up to her.

She suggested taking time apart from me so she can be herself again and slow things down. She wanted me to take this time to focus and improve myself and she said she'll be waiting for me. Thing is she even told me we're not good for each other right now and we aren't in the place to commit back.

she told me to feel free to text or call her to say hi or if I want to hangout. She's really confused me by time apart and all this.

It's been 4 days since I've last heard from her. I texted her to have a good day and I love her. She said the same thing to me. I was expecting her to follow up on how the day went but nothing.

Right now it's killing me that she hasn't checked up on me. I'm surprised it may not be bothering her. I'm tempted to contact her but I know it'll be immature of me. Any advice?


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  • Why don't you just finish this off? There is a reason you guys broke up the first place

    • My heart is still in it. She said the same but Im ticked off right no about her wanting time apart. I gotta respect her decision but I'm confused why she would want time apart from me and say feel free to text or call her to say hi...

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    • What do you mean by pulling my strings?

    • Like a puppet you know

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  • There are two main reasons to ask your couple for a "time apart":

    1. Your relation is just hanging on a cliff but the person doesn't wants to hurt the other one.
    2. She just found another guy, but she also wants a backup plan if it doesn't work, so the she keeps you there.

    • I was thinking number 2. She did hookup with a few guys during our breakup.

      When she strted getting serious with me again she dropped them out of her life. I believed her cause she spent everyday wanting to see me and would constantly text me...

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  • she's ignoring u on purpose so that u can wonder & think about her. if u dont message her for a week then she will start thinking about u & wondering why u havnt msged her & she will start missing u & expecting u to message her.. & stop worrying about her too much lol do things u enjoy to do like go hang out with ur homies & have some guy time & get ur mind off of her.. dont let an ex gf tske over ur thoughts & life k? :)


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