I mean WTF? Really... You honestly do that.. and expect me to stick around?

Okay guys, need to know if i did the right thing here or not?
Back in September, my ex and I split up as I caught her cheating!
After about 6 weeks she got in contact with me saying how much she missed us being together, loved me the usual stuff..
After a few weeks, we started dating hanging out and then things started up again. Although.. She said even though she loved me so much, we wouldn't be getting back together!
Things were really good this time around. She was stayed over all the time, we went away together and did what everyone does in a relationship.. Christmas day she called me and we spoke for ages. She told me that she wished and had been thinking of us being together as a family and with kids spending time with family.. I was completly in shock by this and we even had our own Christmas after boxing day, exchanging presents, dinner etc.. It was amazing!
On new years eve came we were out separately. She messaged me saying that she missed me and that she wished we were together to see in the new yr.
New years day evening we spent together, when i asked her did she kiss anyone? She replied yes, a bouncer who'd been chasing her in the club.. And then she reminded me, we're not together so we can both do what we want!
It killed me when she told me, as I'd said when we'd started seeing each other was if she'd slept with anyone else that would be it!!
Sunday she was acting strange always on her phone and after going home i didn't hear from her..
She sent me a text Monday saying sorry that she didn't call and would make it up to me and that she loved me!
I didn't hear from her then up till Tuesday night when she came out and told me that she'd slept with the bouncer the night before!!! I'm devastated
Even though she's did it and said that she'll see him again.. She also says that she still feel the same way about you, I love you and always have!
We've not spoken since.

Was i right to walk away from her even if I Love her so much?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Walking away is the only right thing you could have done in this situation. She is the type of person who wants her/his cake and eat it too. She is stringing you along, playing with your emotions, always giving you hope by speaking about future/children/etc., but at the same time she doesn't want to commit and demands her freedom. In short: the way I see it she is using you and keeping you on reserve. She seems entirely egotistical and cruel to me. It is beyond me how she can think that her behaviour is in any way acceptable or fair.

    Now the fact that she's cheated on you already says a lot, the fact she hasn't learnt from her mistake and keeps you on reserve also says a lot. I'm not sure how old she is, but it says you are over 35 so if she is as well there's not even much hope that she will grow up.

    Like I said, cutting her off is the only right thing to do in a situation like yours. But you have to stick to it. No matter how much she promises you, how often she tells you that she loves you, how tempting it is to reply to her, you have to ignore her for a good while. A few weeks at least. This can go to ways: either she'll realise that she actually wants to be with you and it won't be just empty words, or she'll eventually leave you alone. I'm thinking that for you, it might be best to move on from this woman to be honest. She is playing with your heart and your head and that's just not good. You want something serious and a committed relationship. whereas she wants a bit of everything with many people and doesn't care about hurting other people's feelings.

    • Very good advice here. I'm in th same situation as the op and doing this for my own well being

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  • In this situation right now as my ex did the same shit but she was still hooking up while we were working things out.

    It's hard as I would pick up her call if she did call or answer her text cause I love her so much

    • Ok.. so what did you end up doing may i ask?

    • Going no contact. Been 4 days and it's hard but you have to do it and move on. Things won't be the same anymore

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  • Definitely did the right thing by walking away. Just see this as a hard lesson learned on your part. You are a man, not a door mat. It makes me sick that there are women that act this way out there. No man or woman deserves to be treated like that. Please don't change or lose hope in finding a good woman some day because you will!

  • Yes!, You went above and beyond the call of duty with her. You can't make her love you or respect you the same way you love her. One day she will wake up (when she grows up) and think back and say I messed up big time letting him get away. By then she will have had 2 or 3 kids with the bouncer who is bouncing from female to female and she understands that Karma is a bad ass bitch she should have never tried to play with. Hold your head high and find others to give your attention to she'll see really soon what she missed out on.

  • lol she's a woman what do you expect? You're pathetic, you fool. Learn the art of manliness or die in your hole


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  • You should have walked away a lot sooner, you're a tool in her eyes. She will say one thing then do another. Ditch the bitch, find someone worth it.

  • You did the right thing. It's a new year so be hopeful.

  • What a horrible person. Dump her ass and never look back!


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