NEED a Mans opinion on this !!! ?

Me and my ex had a loving relationship he cried over me and all it was an emotional splt.. we split he went off and had a relationship but I hear they went through a difficult time and he is now recently "Single"

On his birthday I didn't wish him happy birthday because i didn't know if he'd respond so later that night he started liking comments on a post I wrote on Facebook (, Me and him are not FB friends) I've been No contact for 5 months , I miss him a lot BUT should I add him on FB I feel like him creeping and liking my comments was a way of him trying to get my attention I do want him back how do I go about this without seeming needy


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  • When you say you miss him a lot do you mean you'd consider getting back together? I'm thinking he is still interested in you. Why not let him know your feelings.

    So what if you sound needy. Aren't you in fact needy? Just be honest.

    • One day I'd like to be with him but I wanna play it cool and friendly without seeming clingly and your right its best to just show my feelings are still there and see what happens rather then regret it later on down the line

    • Understood. Then just be sure he knows you have more than casual interest in him.

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  • Yea just add him but let him message you first give and take I say start off simple

    • Okay I'll give that a try I'm hoping he accepts it

  • you want him back now? what was the reason for the split? and I guess you can add each other.

    • Sorry didn't mean to vote you down total accident ! Thanks a lot for commenting And he had infidelity issues he told me he was tired of hurting me I deserved more and we seperated he was my best friend for years we loved each other but I think there were so many rapid emotions it all became too much

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    • just know this, if a guy chooses you over another girl, you shouldn't ever have to worry about how close she was to him. she is now irrelevant. its all about you.

    • Good I will look at it that way I just hope he's not looking for just a familiar comfort but I'll add him and see what happens I don't usually see guys like anything of that has to do with their ex if they don't care lol

  • Yeah give it a 2nd try you still love him so do it :)

  • You need more hints if he likes you.

    Give him a chance to communicate with you.


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