Why did he broke up?

I have been together with this man for two years, let's call him Charlie. I am sorry if my English is bad, because I am not English:

Me and Charlie hang out every single day, because he was so jealous. To please him I stopped using makeup, clothes that didn't cover my but and cleavage. I left a lot of my friends because he didn't liked them and I never ever spoke to guys in those two years because of I didn't wanted to hurt him.
For three-four moths ago Charlie suddenly started to hang on his phone, computer and playing Playstation 24/7. I used to join him, but after two months I stopped because we played 6-10 hours a day after school every single day and never did something else. I begged him to play less and it became so bad that when I asked him to chose between me and the playstation he didn't even knew what to decide.

The last two months it took 15 minutes every time for him to reply me when he was in school or home or somewhere else. I felt like he didn't wanted to spend anytime with me at all, but his jealousy made me stay in his house every single day doing nothing.
In the end this made me become crazy and I started to talk really rude to him when I became angry and broke up often, but we fixed up after 5-10 minutes max an hour.

It seemed like he started to lose intrest in me and suddently the last month he never get lunsh or breaks in the middle of the whole schoolday, he tells me, and he almost never replies me. He has had a lot of girls adding him, liking his pictures the frirst three months of the school year, but I know he didn't spoke to them because we had each others password.
Yesterday he broke up with me and refused me to let me go when I said I wanted to leave aswell. Today after school he hang out with friends instead of going home and my friend told me she used to see him in the city ofter with friends, something he has never told me. And I thought we told eachother everything even if we just took the bus!
Why did he broke up?


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  • actually i just wanna ask.. why didn't you break up during these are happening?
    i dont know how old are you but be with a guy who care you! and who makes you feel good..

    • I am 17 years old and he is my first love. I didn't broke up because of all the love, I wanted to try everything to fix the relationship but I felt he just took more and more distance. I still love him and I really don't know what to do, we was together for almost 2 years and was like lovebirds intill the last 3-4 months thats when he became like this.

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