Is it wise to break up with a girl who's on the rebound?

I'm thinking of breaking up with her. I feel she's not over her ex. Is breaking up a good choice?


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  • Very wise my friend, thats if you want to let go. My current ex and I have been dating for over nine months, and guess what she dumped me to go back to the ex. So yes its wise if they are still missing the ex. It sucks for me cause of the time I spent in the relationship.

    • Woah, what's your story? Did she ever mention to you that she still misses the ex? How long did she start dating you prior to the break up?

    • No she never mentioned it honestly, he sent her a message through tumbler and she got mixed feelings. Causing her after a couple weeks to leave me.

      She started talking to me like month and a half after they broke up. So it's my fault for going in but it's hard when you are attracted to them. But we dated for nine months and evrything was great, and you know what I was the best boyfriend she ever had but yet she still went back to the ex.

      But you know what shit will happen again with them and she might come back I don't know

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  • Yeah. Chances are she'll be fucking with him, and just talking to you.


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