Have you ever fallen out of love with someone and then fallen back in love?

If so then what caused you to fall back. My ex fell out of love with me but i never did nothing wrong. I was actually a pretty perfect boyfriend. I was the "bad boy" and still am. But with a good heart, so i never changed. I'm wondering if there's any hope


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  • It's happened to me and my ex. But in the end don't you want consistency?

    • exactly, if she ever does i'll still be relunctant to do it to be honest.

      But what caused you to return?

    • It's something each person needs to decide in the moment and for themselves. Honestly, curiosity and the need to figure out exactly what my ex kept pursuing me for. After all the back and forth I have finally found closure and I got the answers I needed to be at peace with what happened, but I knew early on that it wasn't the right relationship for me.

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