Do exs think of each other?

I was in a relationship but we decided to ended because there wasn't a romantic connection anymore. Basically we lost interest in each other and it was more like a routine or a relationship where we got comfortable with each other but didn't really love each other. So we decided to break it off. Its been about 5 or 6 months and I still think of her. We dated for 5 years and we dont speak to each other anymore. She said she didn't see me as a friend or anything but an ex. She also said if we kept in contact it was gonna be harder to get over each other which I believe that.

So I'm wondering if she thinks about me sometimes? Maybe some of you guys have had long term relationships and after some time even though you are over your ex you still think of them. No?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have had one serious relationship. And I can't say we broke up badly. It happened and yeah we had an agreement not to contact each other. Even I have no bad memory about him, I don't think about hum at all. Maybe if there is something reminding him? If not , no I live my own life. He is just a memory. For you, 5 year is really long. And you need time. Give yourself a little bit more. It will disappear and you will feel nothing. It is human nature. We have an amazing talent; forgetting. You will forget, trust me you won't even realize.


Most Helpful Guy

  • she won't think about you.. you are saying the answer yourself.. even when you guys are together there was no emotinal connection.. you should forget everything about her and move.. girls move on much easier than a guy.. because there will be alotof guys who wanna be wih a girl.. for sex or romantic stuffs and she will try with some of them at the end of it.. even if she doesn't think she is ready.. but a boy has to forget first.. than he can move.. and you didn't break up for no reason right? there was some reasons.. so you guys tried.. didn't work.. just move on slowly.. and be ok with being alone.. do sport.. read books.. hangout with your friends.. you can still remember her but do some stuffs which you like.. and never care what she thinks! because this is not your problem anymore..

    • That's very true! Thanks for the advice!

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What Girls Said 2

  • How are we supposed to know what she's thinking? We can only assume that there's a possibility that she does. Fleeting thoughts about anything/anyone is quite normal.

  • Oh yea, the good, the bad, and the ugly, girls will always think about their ex's from time to time...


What Guys Said 1

  • We are still friends and I do think of her occasionally. I bet she thinks about you sometimes.


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