She ended it with me because I am too quiet?

I've only been dating this girl for about 2 months but I have developed really strong feelings for her. We texted all the time and I even went to her house and met her family a few times. Whenever we were alone we would always get along great, but when we were hanging out with her family I would tend to go pretty quiet as it was fairly intimidating.

I'm not usually a hugely quiet person but sometimes I get pretty reserved and this happened quite a lot when I was with her. Maybe because I liked her so much I would get nervous. She was fairly quiet sometimes too so there were some silences now and then when we were together, but I really felt that if I spent more time with her I would come out of my shell more.

She said a few days ago that she doesn't think she can be with me because I make her feel worse about herself and she can never tell if I actually enjoy being at her house or not. We have since stopped talking to eachother and I even think she has started to see someone else now. I was really great to her and always told her I liked her but I just wasn't assertive or affectionate enough when I was with her and i really regret it. I became kind of needy when she was ending it and I regret that too so I can't keep messaging her, my only option is to let her go and maybe she'll come back in the future. Why did this happen and is there any way to fix it?


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  • A world awaits you. Its still new and it hurts but you will see that there's worse out there and there's also better fortunately.

    just let your heart break and get up when its time. Dont sweat her


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  • Learn from your mistakes. This girl, leave her behind. Move on forward, just like MLK said. If you dont know about this quote, ill gladly tell you. After youve now learned from your mistakes. Try again.


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  • i dont really understand what you did wrong here. not talking much when you were with her parents? that seems more normal to me then actually talking. seems normal that a guy will be intimidated when he's with his girls parents lol


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