I'm not sure if it was petty of me to break up with him?

My boyfriend admitted to me that he's not really attracted to me that much and that I'm just "okay looking" body wise. I'll start off by telling you how I look. I'm 5'4, a D cup, flat stomach, size 1 in jeans. So besides my breasts, I would consider myself skinny/petite. He is more into thick women with big thighs and butts which I definitely don't have. I knew this from the beginning, but didn't care because I assumed he still liked how I looked since he was the one that pursued me. He has hinted to me that I should do squats at the gym a couple of times and I told him it's rude to hint about someone's body and to accept me for what I look like because I accept him and he's definitely not perfect himself. He stopped, but recently did it again and we got into a huge fight about how he doesn't accept how I look. That's when he was honest and told me that he's attracted to me but barely. He told me even though he'd love to be with a thick woman, he loves me more and still wants to be with me. I want to be with him too, but I broke up with him because I don't know how I'm supposed to sleep with someone that I know is barely interested. I'm not sure if I was being petty because he did tell me that he still wants to be with me. I just always thought he still thought I was sexy regardless of what his favorite body type was. Besides this situation our relationship is great. I just want to know what everyone else would do in this situation.


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  • Don't get back into that relationship. If he doesn't like how you look then say goodbye to him. He should accept you for the way you look.

  • He clearly doesn't like your body as much I do... so come to me instead


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