How do I get her to want me?

I've been talkin to a girl for awhile she likes me a lot i like her a lot, so i found out she was going to move away to Europe so i wrote her her very first love letter and stuff anyways i said i dont wanna give up on us and she said good cuz neither do i but i feel like she didn't mean it cuz she seem like she doesn't want to keep it going cuz she wasn't putting any effort into so i stopped talkin 2 her a week ago cuz i feel like its pointless but i still miss her and i do want her but i wish i could know she felt the same way i want her to want me so what should i do?


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  • OK as a lady I did that, I left a guy I sort of liked in another country and moved (I was not sure about him I thought he was cute and nice, but I was not convinced he really wanted me) So I moved we stayed friends, we were friends for 4 years then I went back and we met up. We hit it off and were married 2 years later, we stayed friends through His girlfriends, my boyfriends, and it worked.

    So I suggest stay friends, date other people then see what happens in the future.


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