Is my ex gf interested in making this work still?

So she wanted time apart from me after we got in an argument but she said she still loves me last week. I texted her today but seemed like she cut it short. I was going to ask her out.

Me: Good morning. Just wanted to say hello and see how you're doing

Her: Morning :) just been busy with work cause the semester is starting again. How are you?

Me: I'm okay. Been busy with work also cause we're expanding areas. How long are your shifts?

Her: Pretty much all 10 hour shifts this week I work more when school is on break then during the semester. That's good. Hope you're being productive

Me: Same here. That's pretty long hours all week. Hang in there beautiful. I def am being productive. How are you adjusting to the new place?

Her: Everything is coming together very well. Still need to buy a new couch and coffee table. Work hard play harder right? Enjoy your weekend :)

Well I left it at that for now and haven't replied. She seemed to cut it short. I didn't ask her on a date cause I remember she had plans this weekend for her friends bday today and tomorrow from what I remember last week. Anyways I'll probably text her to enjoy her weekend also and to catch up next week. What do you guys think?


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  • My ex made me think she wanted to get back with me for months we were in a 5 year relationship , in the end it was a massive mind fuck. I would just be careful and don't get your hopes up.

    • Yeah i think she's stringing me along while she dates around. Did you Chase your ex and initiate contact everytime?

    • Only if I didn't text her in like a week. I moved away to go to school and it was an accelerated trade shcool so it was only 3 months, after school I decided to line up a job to move back and as soon as I told her I was moving back she tolde about her boy friend then accused me of keeping her on the hook. If I were you I would straight up ask her if she wants to get back with you and if she dosn't give you a hard yes I would move along.

      After all this happend with my ex I found a girl I like way better and things have been going great. I was so shocked I found someone I connect with so much.

      Unless your dead set on this chick I would work on getting laid just to boost your spirit's.

  • I shouldn't reach out to her at all. She wanted time apart, so just give her the space she needs. If you keep chasing her, you're giving out the message that it's okay for her to put you on the sidelines and that you're needy and have nothing else going on in your life. Wich will only turn her off more, because she will lose respect for you.

    Wait to hear from her and just go about your life. Use this time to do things you always wanted to do but couldn't because of the relationship. If she sees you going forward in life and she has some level of interest, she'll contact you. If she does, after two or three replies, say: hey, I'd love to see you, when are you free to get together? If she acts flakey then just tell her: okay, let me know when you're free, I gotta run, keep in touch. And just go about your life and be busy with doing things you love. Next time she reaches out, do the same. If she keeps reaching out after that, don't bring up getting together until she does. Then, set a definite date with a place and time.

    If she doesn't reach out anymore, her interest level has dropped too far and you should try to go out and meet new women.

    If you manage to go on a date with her, avoid serious topics and just focus on having a fun evening. At the end of the date, go for the kiss. Be charming, playful and banter with her.

    Getting hung up on a woman who doesn't want you as much as you do and gives you a hard time is a waste of time man. You deserve a girl who is crazy about you and makes the effort to spend time with you.

    Good luck

    • Thanks for this advice man. Don't think I'll be replying to her anymore. I didn't get a text back after I said have a wonderful weekend also and I miss you

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    • Is his book like the videos he posts on YouTube?

    • The video's are a great addition, but you have to learn the fundamentals in the book. It's not expensive, just buy it. You'll thank me later.

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