Why is my ex still following me on insta? we just broke up?

He wanted to end the relationship. i unfollowed him on all social media. but he's still following me and I don't know why. this is the second time we broke up. the first we broke he said he wanted to remain best friends if we broke up but i can do that.


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  • Dude, it is just Instagram. Maybe I am wrong but I think you might be looking too hard for clues that he is still into you. It is what it is, maybe you will get back, maybe you won't just move on. In fact, moving on would prob make him miss you.

    • Your right, thankss:)

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  • Because he still wants to keep in contact with you. It's just instagram anyway.

  • Why does it matter? Maybe he just forgot

    • He didn't forgot i saw that he was on insta well he probably wants to stay in contact with me to get back together.

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