Ex gf ignored my last text to her?

I texted her today after seeing her last week. I slept over her place and we still love each other.

Anyways we just text about how we are and I asked her when we were going to hang out again.

She said not anytime soon cause I used her as a booty call last week. I replied and said I slept over cause I had missed her. But she can put me on time out then.

She said it didn't seem like it, have a nice weekend, and it was great to hear from me again.

I told her to have a great weekend, I miss you, and still love you and she didn't reply back.

What do you ladies think she's doing? I think she got upset when I texted her last Sunday after I came over and said thanks for having me, have a great day and said I love her. She said I love you back and I didn't reply back. I only didn't reply back cause we had an argument and she told me she wanted time aprt from me.

I feel rejected but I won't text her back.


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  • Your mistake could have been not talking about getting back together with her before getting back to the banging?

    • I do want to get back with her but she can't commit right now.

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