My ex broke up with me, but is being a real jerk. Why?

My bf was cheating. I found out, I hit him. He broke with me up saying he can forgive me. Now he is just being so mean & rude to me because I stepped back & let him go. Whats his deal?


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  • He is an 'ex', so you're under no obligation to interact with him anymore. If you're still in touch with him, then you're 'allowing' him to be a jerk to you. Get rid of all contact with him.


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  • He's trippin. He probably is angry and hurt u could let him go and not just stay and put up with it like most women do. Some guys think if u leave when they do wrong that u never really loved them Bc in their twisted minds love should have made u stick through the bs


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  • He is only projecting his guilt on you. HE is the one who did something bad and now he wants to make you feel bad with him. It's called manipulation.


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