My ex is dating someone and we just broke up three weeks ago?

Not in a relationship. But They went out on a few dates. He met her less than a week after we broke up. I saw him at a social event and he didn't even try to talk to me. However I will say that when I walked by he stared and I turned my entire body and head away. Also my friend said that when I was talking with other guys my ex was staring at us with an angry look. Some of the guys I was talking to were his friends. What gives? And I'm upset he's dating already what the hell. He told me he was so busy and stressed and couldn't meet my needs so I dumped him


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  • What's the question?

    PS: If you're not together, it's his choice what he does. If you choose to keep prying on him in spite of it hurting you, that's your choice.


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  • Why are you concerned? You dumped him

    • I dumped him because he was being a jerk and going behind my back. I still liked him

    • Oh I'm sorry. It looks like he's continuing to be one. You are better off without him if he really isn't turning around.

      there will come a time where you don't care what he does. Give time a chance

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