A Drunken 2am phone call from ex last night?

So I've been separated from my ex for about 9 months now and have not had contact really apart from 3-4 times which ended up with us both talking very viciously on the phone and blocking each other.
We were together for 3 years.
So why did she try calling me at 2am last night? I didn't answer but she tried calling 3 times.
Do you have Any theories? Thanks


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  • Hello there :)

    She's down for a round 5 of vicious arguing? :p kidding umm she obviously still has feeling. She may want you back or she may want to end things in good terms or knows she may be gong through tough time and feel you're the best to talk. Can be anything really.

    • she is dating my neighbour now and Im seeing someone which she knows about.
      It's weird he's in Thailand and is back in 3 days yet she try's calling me.
      Do you think I should text and say ' I think you have the wrong number' ?

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    • No matter how much of a bitch someone has been to you I understand there is still a small amount of feeling. Ask but don't get back with her

    • What should I say? I defintley won't get back with her it's impossible, everyone knows what she done to me lol.

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  • I'm sure you know why, but here are some reasons.

    • That's a nice take well done.
      Yeah I'm order it goes: 5, 3 and 2 for sure lol.
      But I'll just forget about it now and I'm sure a message will pop up from her in a few days or something as usual. Thanks

  • How do you know she was drunk? Did she leave a message? You'll never know until you call her back. You were together for 3 years. That's not an easy relationship to just forget.

    • She was very abusive throughout are relationship.
      And it was 2am Saturday night, I don't think there's a chance she was sober right lol?
      Also Imy scared shirtless of her , I can't shake her off, she is now screwing my neighbour and are doors are literally touching.
      Really weird how that's the only person she could date that would still effect my life where we have to awkwardly still see each other lol.

  • Don't give in, she was obviously thinking about you

    • But why do you think? she is dating my friggin neighbour now and Im seeing someone?

    • Lonely, bored, still has some feelings.

    • Ok thanks

  • There's something playing on her mind...
    maybe she wanted to resolve something. Did you find out?

    • She texts just now saying basically she lost her phone and got a new one so she called me to block me again lmao.
      Which actually makes no sense as she could of just added me to contacts and not call right?
      Also if she was going to block me why bother even saving my number when she knows it off by heart?
      And I blocked her on all social media apps accept my phone which she knows about in case she really needs to get hold of me I an emergency, and she knows that. It's almost like she wanted to tell me she blocked me just to feel like she was in control.
      She just gave me a reminder of her immaturity in a few words which is great,
      now I can just move on again.:)

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    • That's such a weird excuse. If that was as the case she wouldn't have called you 3-4 times. She does sound immature

    • Yeah she was probably just drunk and wanted to make me think about her or something, so stupid I don't care.

  • she misses you, but if she was abusive in any way stay away , I wouldn't have answered it either drunk calls I don't deal with ! I never answer drunk ex calls

    • Lol thank you sweetie :))

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  • If you didn't answer it, how do you know she was drunk?

    Any theories? Yeah. I believe the theory that if you wanted to know why she called you should have answered the phone and asked her.

    How the hell should we know?

    • Well I know she is drunk because it was 2am Saturday night ( common sense really).
      And I didn't answer because are relationship was mentally and physically abusive on her part and it took me 3 long years to actually be able to leave her because I obviously felt something very strong for her.
      And yeah i know it's not much to go on bro, I just need to see some responses to get my mind ticking to figure it out rationally.

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    • Should I text her and say 'I think you had the wrong number last night' or something?

    • That would work.

  • just to see how you've been perhaps? although 3 calls means that it's not only to see "how you've been?"... why don't you give her a chance dude and call her back?

    • She actually just messaged me, I text her saying wrong number and she said it was because her phone was stolen and She called so to block me again lmao!
      Complete lie as it doesn't make sense.
      I just text ok.
      I'm sure in a few days I'll get a text, call , some weird prank phone call etc.

  • Drunk, you were on her mind. I wouldn't react to it if it were me.

    • But why do you think? she is dating my friggin neighbour now and Im seeing someone?

    • who knows, could be anything but if you follow it up it shows you care, it's probably best she thinks you don't.

    • Ok thank you.

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