Why is my ex acting like this? helpp he's acting crazy?

Ok so when I first meet my ex and I didn't like him and I rejected him. he took all contact from us. a few months pasted I texted him seeing how he was doing and he pursed me again and we started dating cuz I started to like like a lot. like he liked me so much he was nonstop. he really cared for me. now we're broken up cuz he says he doesn't want to be with me or anybody else he says he just wants to smoke weed and bee alone. i was good to my boyfriend I treated him so well we even meet each others parents and family. Now at first he wouldn't tell me why he doesn't want to be with me then he told he just used me for sex and didn't want to dated me at all which I think is crazy he just wants me to feel bad about myself. he wanted to date me first and he said he forced his self to date me. he said he just wants to do him. and he blocked me on all social media


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  • Maybe the weed?

    • I think so too:( I'm heartbroken

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