Strict parents are the reason my relationship with my boyfriend is failing. I NEED HELP?

It is so hard. Me and my boyfriend has a really good relationship, we are very happy and everything (known each other for soon 3 years). The only thing that keeps up apart from each other is my parents. We live 5 minutes away from each other, but I live by very strict rules so I don't have the opportunity to meet him whenever I want. I meet him 1-2 "I need to lie sometimes to hang out with him" a week and that is it. We are in our 20-is. They know him and love him but think he shouldn't be one of my priorities (something I accept).

So it is hard. I don't know what to do exactly, and I don't think talking to them about it will change their minds. Their house, their rules. I am happy I will be moving out this year, if not (they will try to convince me it is a bad idea) me and my boyfriend has decided to break up. And to be honest I think we are already on the pattern to do so. Our communication has become less, and we spend less time together. We are actually growing apart.

What to do?


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  • Move out. Your parents are too strict and/or they don't like him. Anyway, it is their house, their rules. Don't like it, move out.

    • this summer I will. cause I am sick of it. No, really. they love him, it has nothing to do with him.. it's just how their rules are and will always be. They invite him over everytime, and want to spend time with him. But they don't like it when I am thinking about visiting him.

    • They are probably just being over protective and are afraid of losing their little girl.

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  • Strict parents make sneaky kids. Just move out and think about getting an apartment with eachother.

    • that is exactly what we are planning to do. even if i know they will get angry, but we feel rushed to.

    • There already mad you date him and wanna go see him. Only way your parents will be satisfy if you break up with him. Only way for you and your boyfriend to be sastify is to move out or you guys will end up breaking up, cause of the conflict your parents cause.

  • I agree with the guys, you are of age where you can move out. Communication is key. I know this story all too well. Been there done that.. and now alone

    • I know. I am kinda scared this relationship will end even before summer. It is just. I don't know. its like we both are giving up a bit.

    • I dont think you should give up. If your in my world, summer is 6 months away. You two need to fight for each other

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